What Is Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type?

The skin and hair color are of prime importance for successful laser hair removal. Therefore, skin and hair color must be examined prior to a laser treatment.

Hair Color – Dark hair (such as black and brown) is considered ideal. Dark, fine hair and light skin is considered to be the best combination for laser hair removal. White, gray, red and blond hair is not recognized by the laser.

Skin Color – Fitzpatrick Skin Type is an evaluative system developed by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick to assess skin color and a person’s tendency to tan or burn. The chart below can be used to determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type.

Once a person’s  hair color and Fitzpatrick skin type are taken into account we can determine the course of treatment for laser hair removal and chemical peels. Some lasers cannot be used on Fitzpatrick types V and VI.

Though everyone is at risk for damage as a result of excessive sun exposure, people with skin types I and II are at the highest risk.



Tips and Treatments To Keep Your Hands Looking Younger, Healthy and Beautiful

If you are not taking care of your hands, they may be giving away your age. Hands are not only susceptible to the first signs of aging, but very often age even faster than the face. There is very little fat on the back of the hands, so when even a small amount of collagen and elastin fibers begin to break down – which is part of the normal aging process and partly from sun exposure – it’s going to have a noticeable impact on your hands.


1. The daily use of a simple moisturizer will improve the appearance of your hands. While moisturizer will not reverse sun damage or create new collagen, it  can leave the skin looking plumper and more youthful. Since all moisturizers work more effectively when applied to skin that is slightly damp, use them after a shower or bath or after washing your hands.

2. Doctors agree one key to keeping young hands looking young is to avoid direct sunlight. The next best thing is to coat your hands with sunscreen several times a day.

3. MicroExfoliation treatments rejuvenate the skin on your hands. This is an effective technique for removing the top layer of the skin, leaving it supple and vibrant. The skin is gently exfoliated while at the same time the dead skin cells are vacuumed away. Not only does the procedure trigger collagen production, it also allows moisturizers to be more effective.

4. MicroCurrent treatments aid in reducing the signs of aging skin. Small electrical impulses trigger a chemical reaction that encourages the body to produce  more collagen and elastin. A Platinum Touch Hand Renewal Treatment will give your hands a healthy more youthful appearance.


Red Alert! Suggestions For Calming Red, Irritated Skin


If your cheeks are red and irritated without blushing, here are some suggestions to help calm rosacea. Our skin is the main line of defense between us and the environment. This protective organ can be compromised:

  • by harsh climates
  •  offending pollutants
  •  highly aggressive topical products
  •  and ever-present UV radiation

When exposed to extreme conditions our skin can become inflamed, sensitized and irritated. Various skin conditions can also cause redness and sensitivity in skin. People with conditions such as dermatitis or rosacea should be very aware of the triggers of their condition. Some of the more common triggers that should be avoided include:

  • spicy foods
  • hot liquids
  • hot baths and showers
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • smoking
  • excessive vigorous exercise

Caring for red, irritated skin should start with a gentle and refreshing cleansing of the face each morning. Sufferers should use a mild cleanser that is not grainy or abrasive and spread it with their fingertips. A soft pad or washcloth can also be used, but avoid rough washcloths, loofahs, brushes or sponges.

Next, rinse the face with lukewarm water and blot it dry with a thick cotton towel. Never pull, tug, scratch or treat the face harshly. Sufferers should let their face air dry for several minutes before applying any topical medication.

While there is no cure for rosacea, there are treatments available that can control or eliminate red, irritated skin. Allure Aesthetics offers a gentle TCA peel that is a wonderful choice to help promote healthy skin and reduce inflammation. Red, sensitive skin is best controlled with a combination of medical therapies, including in-office chemical peel treatments, daily care products and lifestyle considerations.


Clients and Professionals Prefer Chemical Peels

The continuous search for the fountain of youth has sparked a flurry of new technologies targeting the signs of aging. However, superficial chemical peels continue to be the treatment of choice for giving skin an overall more youthful appearance by improving it’s tone and texture.

 Chemical peels are ranked the most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure, second only to Botox. They offer an effective and non-invasive alternative in the arsenal of anti-aging strategies.

Superficial chemical peels are a smart choice for aging skin as they smooth surface texture, clear pores, kill bacteria and leave the skin fresh, moist and youthful looking.

Once the skin has been exfoliated by a chemical peel, the newer cells beneath are able to absorb beneficial nutrients needed to even skin tone, stimulate cell turnover and rebuild collagen. What a client uses on her skin on a daily basis will make an immense difference in the quality of her skin by enhancing the end result of her professional treatment as well as prolonging the results.

Realistic Goals of Chemical Peels

  • Correct sun damage
  • Minimize the appearance of mild scarring
  • Lighten skin discoloration
  • Remove excessive or stubborn blackheads
  • Temporarily reduce excessive skin oil
  • Reduce acne

Unrealistic Goals of Chemical Peels

  • Remove or reduce the appearance of blood vessels in the skin
  • Change pore size
  • Remove keloid scars
  • Tighten sagging skin


Client Information For Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth may appear on may areas of the body including the upper lip, sideburns, chin, ears, chest, underarms, legs, fingers, feet or toes and is annoying for both men and women. Lasers help eliminate unwanted hair on all of these areas and more.

Laser hair removal services provide more permanent removal of body hair than waxing or shaving. It usually requires a series of treatments to achieve permanent results. Try this innovative technology if you are ready to permanently say good bye to that pesky unwanted body and facial hair.

Laser technology for women, men and teens

How effective is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal works best when there is color in the hair. People with light hair may see only moderate improvement  and may need a greater number of treatment sessions. Dark hair responds best and white hair does not respond at all. Electrolysis is effective on light and white hair.

What does it feel like? The laser treatment may feel like a mild sting for a fraction of a second. It has a built in cooling tip that not only helps to protect the skin but also helps to minimize discomfort.

How long do the treatments take? An upper lip can be done in 5 -10 minutes. Underarms or bikini lines usually take 15 – 20 minutes. Legs and backs take longer. Very often follow-up treatments are shorter because there is much less hair to treat.

How many treatments are necessary? Most people receive satisfactory clearance after six treatments.

Laser hair removal is FDA approved and safe for all skin types.

Please call 845-371-5161 or email dianne@allureaesthetics.com if you have any additional questions that have not been covered here.


MicroExfoliation – Your Skin’s New Best Friend

The Science of Skin Rejuvenation is Evolving.

What is MicroExfoliation? 

MicroExfoliation is a technique for removing the topmost layer of the skin leaving it supple and vibrant. The skin is gently exfoliated while at the same time the dead skin cells are vacuumed away in a sterile and controlled manner.

The Advantages of MicroExfoliation

Your skin will have a radiant glow, free of irritation. Clients experience softer, smoother and cleaner skin after the first treatment. Treatment series vary from four to ten sessions depending on the condition being treated and the type of skin.

  • sun damaged skin – face, neck ,shoulders
  • age spots – hands, face
  • reduction of minor to moderate early aging fine lines – eyes, forehead
  • extraction of blackheads and whiteheads
  • rejuvenation of skin health

How Will I Look After The Treatment?

Your skin may look slightly flushed immediately after the treatment but should return to normal in 10 – 30 minutes. Your skin will look and feel smoother even after the first treatment and will continue to improve with additional treatments.

Allure Aesthetics specializes in microexfoliation treatments.

Sun Safety

If your shadow is shorter than you are, then the sun is bright enough to be of concern.

There are two types of ultraviolet rays that are generally not filtered out by the ozone layer, UVA and UVB.

UVA rays account for 95% of the solar radiation that reaches the earth. They penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB rays and can penetrate clouds and glass. They are the rays that cause the skin to tan and are present on the atmosphere with equal intensity year round. Tanning is actually an injury to the skin’s DNA. The skin tans in an attempt to prevent further DNA damage. UVA rays cause the skin to prematurely age and wrinkle and damage cells in the basal layer of the skin, where most skin cancers occur. They have been proven to contribute to the development of cancer.

UVB rays do not penetrate the skin as deeply as UVA rays. They damage the skin’s surface in the form of sunburns. Although they are always present in the atmosphere, they are strongest between April and October, from 10 am to 4 pm. UVB rays are mainly responsible for the development of skin cancer.

Everyone, regardless of skin color, should make sun protection part of their daily routine. Adolescence is an important time to establish sun safety behaviors that will become lifelong habits.

Sun protection should include seeking shade, covering up with clothing, including a wide brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses and wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.


Anti-Aging Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent treatments mimic the way the brain relays messages to the muscles. Considered a passive form of exercise, this therapeutic technique helps stimulate motor nerves to the point where a visible contraction of the muscle can be seen.

Many biological processes are associated with electrical impulses. Facial skin tone and muscles are all related to this system. As we age, impulses may slow down, causing the skin to sag. Muscles may not completely contract after use, such as in the case of sagging jowls (jaw muscles).

Microcurrent treatments are designed to work in harmony with the natural bioelectric currents found in the body. Placing two probes on muscle groups begins the process. A specific movement technique is followed. Gel is placed on the skin prior to treatment. Current is regulated according to the skin’s resistance.

This extraordinary facial reduces the signs of aging. Skin is re-hydrated, circulation is improved and a firmer, revitalized appearance is achieved after the first application. Skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved. These relaxing applications may be enjoyed as a one time, comprehensive facial or in a series of applications to reach your optimal goals, as well as enjoy enhanced longevity of results.


  •  Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Smoother, firmer skin
  •  Improved circulation
  •  Hydrated and revitalized skin
  •  Improved elasticity
  •  Improved facial contour



Electrolysis – A Safe Method Of Permanent Hair Removal

In electrolysis , a fine wire needle (probe or filament) is inserted into the hair follicle opening in the skin’s surface and an electric current is passed down the the needle, destroying the hair root. The loosened hair may then be removed with forceps (tweezers).

The goal of electrolysis is to destroy the hair root (the germinative growing cells of the hair follicle) in order that the hair does not grow back. The electrolysis energy delivered must be sufficient to destroy the hair root below the skin, but the destructive energy must not reach the surface of the skin where it could produce unwanted skin surface damage.

The Pros

  1. It has the best track record. Electrolysis has the best overall results, versus any other method, in ridding hair for long periods of time- or even permanently.
  2. Many different hair and skin types can benefit.Because it doesn’t target hair pigment (color) like laser, but attacks the follicle itself. People that aren’t good candidates for laser can still get electrolysis.

The Cons

  1. Bent follicles can make electrolysis hair removal harder. Previous waxing or tweezing can make hair follicles bent or misshapen, and getting the needle to the root more difficult to destroy the follicle.
  2. Multiple treatments are needed. You have to truly be committed to electrolysis because you will need anywhere from 15 – 30 sessions, which will take up a considerable amount of your time.


Ingrown Hair (pseudofolloculitis barbae)

One of the more common problems we see particularly in individuals with coarse, curly hair is pseudofolliculitis barbae  (ingrown hair).  These bumps caused by shaving are most common in the bikini line of women and neck area of men. Shaving produces a sharply pointed hair that re-enters the skin. This causes an inflammatory response around the ingrown hair tip. Scarring can result from the inflammatory response. Shaving not only causes but also aggravates the condition. This persistent inflammation on the skin can be dramatically improved with laser hair removal treatments.