What Really Works For Eye Bags and Crow’s Feet?


Invisible Expression Microcurrent Treatment is an excellent treatment that targets expression aging around the eyes and forehead. Intense hydration provides refreshed and supple skin. Microcurrent technology dramatically reduces fine lines.


Enjoy a healthier, more youthful appearance with the ultimate in skin care technology: microcurrent. Microcurent is a low level of electricity that mirror the body’s own natural impulses. When used in conjunction with specialized products and manual manipulations, these tiny microcurrent impulses encourage your body’s currents. The signs of aging are greatly reduced, while skin tone and elasticity are dramatically improved. These relaxing applications may be enjoyed as a one time comprehensive facial, or in a series of applications to reach your optimal goals, as well as enjoy enhanced longevity of results. Microcurrent is the ultimate in non-invasive face lifts!

The Most Important Eye Tip Of All…….

Use sunscreen. Most women do not take the time to really apply it carefully in the dark area, and it is amazing how much that can really help with dark under eyes. Protect your eye area like you do your face, with SPF every day and you will see fewer fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles over time.