Facial Benefits Of Microcurrent

Microcurrent, or wave therapy, devices mimic the way the brain relays messages to the muscles. Considered a passive form of exercise, this therapeutic technique helps stimulate motor nerves to the point where a visible contraction of the muscles can be seen.

As we age, muscles may not completely contract after use, such as in the case of sagging jowls (jaw muscles). The same effect can be seen on the rest of the body as well. That is why exercise and stretching are so important as one ages.


Microcurrent treatments are designed to work in harmony with the natural bioelectric currents found in the body. Placing two probes on muscle groups begins the process. A specific movement technique is followed. A gel is placed on the skin prior to beginning the treatment. Current is regulated according to the skin’s resistance. The results may be a more firm appearance and healthier skin.