What Is Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type?

The skin and hair color are of prime importance for successful laser hair removal. Therefore, skin and hair color must be examined prior to a laser treatment.

Hair Color – Dark hair (such as black and brown) is considered ideal. Dark, fine hair and light skin is considered to be the best combination for laser hair removal. White, gray, red and blond hair is not recognized by the laser.

Skin Color – Fitzpatrick Skin Type is an evaluative system developed by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick to assess skin color and a person’s tendency to tan or burn. The chart below can be used to determine your Fitzpatrick Skin Type.

Once a person’s  hair color and Fitzpatrick skin type are taken into account we can determine the course of treatment for laser hair removal and chemical peels. Some lasers cannot be used on Fitzpatrick types V and VI.

Though everyone is at risk for damage as a result of excessive sun exposure, people with skin types I and II are at the highest risk.