Dermaplaning: The Quickest Way to Get The Most Beautiful Face Ever

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, stainless steel blade for the removal of dead skin cells as well as all of the “fuzz” (fine facial hair).

It immediately rejuvenates the skin and is highly effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth, supple and vibrant.

It also increases penetration of active ingredients in professional treatments and home care products.


Dermaplaning is an ideal treatment for women with fine (otherwise known as vellus) hair all over their faces.

The growth of this type of hair, which can appear like a light fuzz on the face, can make the application of make-up difficult and occurs for many women as they undergo menopause and experience hormonal changes.  Removing this hair with laser treatments is not a viable option for many since the hair can be white or blonde and the light then cannot capture it for effective hair removal.


3 thoughts on “Dermaplaning: The Quickest Way to Get The Most Beautiful Face Ever

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  2. Wow! That sounds like the solution I have been looking for! I had never heard of dermaplaning before and stumbled upon your blog when looking for help with improving the appearance of my skin. I have always taken care of my skin but after menopause my skin has taken a drastic nosedive. I have started developing what you call ‘fuzz’ and my skin has generally started to look dull. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to help. I was beginning to feel really frustrated and decided to check online and see if I could find a workable solution. Thanks to you, I’m glad I did. The next step is to make an appointment with a reputed dermatologist. Dermaplaning

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